artist statement

The black ink landscapes in my work seeps into fragile porous paper. The blots take on a life of their own, bleeding through to the other side of the paper. Shapes and lines morph into turbulent storms or delicate shifts of nature and the most minor of vibrations. These are deeply personal, meditative paintings.

In the mixed media series, juxtaposed over these monochromatic backdrops reminiscent of the distant traditions of Japanese/Chinese painting are images from my daily existence, often originating in the physical and emotional scenery of my childhood. People, flowers, structures, graves, signposts, poles, animals and more shed their original context and become disassociated and defamiliarized. 

Rendered in realistic detail in pastels or acrylic, they are local and familiar yet strange, removed. They float over the landscape, detached, refusing to completely blend into their new surroundings. In the composite work, lyricism, abstract and accidental fuse with meticulous detail, controlled and planned.

Lacking human presence to provide proportion, the paintings are enigmatic, desolate, reflecting both my state of mind and my reflections as to the relationship between humanity and the world surrounding us.


 © 2018 by ruti singer

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