Born in Swaziland, southern Africa, in 1961. Lives and works in Kfar Yona, Israel.

Studied Cinema (BfA, 1987) and Theatre Design (MfA, 1994) at Tel-Aviv University.
Autodidact in art, has studied painting independently with well-known Israeli artists and curators. Also studied Japanese ink painting. 

Works in dry pastel and acrylic over black ink, on paper, in different sizes and formats.

Black ink techniques derived from Chinese and Japanese traditions are always evident, forming a semi-abstract, lyrical monochrome background in all of Ruti's work.

Overlaying the ink are commonplace images from everyday life, rendered in minute detail but disconnected from their original setting. The outcome of this dissonance and dialog between disparate techniques is highly personal. It is poetic yet unsettling, conveying desolation and forming a visual comment on what we conceive as nature and landscape and on the role of humanity in nature. 

Photo credits: Daphna Reves, Yigal Pardo, Ela Orgad and others

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