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fall of drops installation


What does a meditative work of art consisting of thousands of drops of evaporated water look like? One spot at a time, I drip clear water onto xuan paper, painstakingly creating nothingness.

The water seeps into the fibers, an evaporated flow that leaves only a faint imprint on the crimped paper. Page after page it accumulates into a white waterless waterfall, a memory.
The site-specific installation "Fall of Drops" comprises about 70 sheets of paper in different sizes with thousands of water impressions, hung precariously over a Spirolina cultivation pond at the Ecological Greenhouse in Ein Shemer, as part of the Artaftefet" art event, 2019 (curator: Atar Geva).

Installation; 59 xuan pages (varying sizes), water drops, string and miniature clothespins
5000x3000x2000 cm

"Artaftefet" event at the Ecological Greenhouse, Ein Shemer, December 2019
Curator: Atar Geva | Photos: Tal Bedrak

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